It’s too late to begin […and other lies that are holding us back]

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What if we’re just getting started?  What if we missed the opportunity?

Fear is the culprit in our reluctance to begin.

    • What if I make a mistake?
    • What if nobody cares?
    • What if I embarrass myself?
    • What if I don’t know… 
      • what to say? 
      • where to begin?
      • how to do it right?
      • …anything else fear might tell you…

Stephen Pressfield calls it “the resistance”. It’s that little, filthy voice inside your head that tells you to wait, stop, protect, and reconsider, just before you really start the hard work of creating.

“One day” will be too late

I know, not really the happy-clappy type of content you might be looking for, but we’ve got to be honest with ourselves.  We are finite.  We won’t always have another tomorrow.  Life is short and our work is meant to make a difference.

We can’t wait for “One day”. 

“One day” turns out to be a mirage.

What about today?  Today seems like the right time to face our fears head-on.  Make the choice to try something new…something risky. 

I’ll join you.  

It’s never too late to begin.  Not while we have breath.

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