Success & Sanity is the latest book by Troy Korsgaden. His team approached us to create a book trailer for it. They wanted to create something that would communicate the heart behind Success & Sanity in a way that was ‘out-of-the-box’ and aesthetically beautiful. Having seen our work in a number of areas, we were the first company they called, and because of their past experience with us, they gave us full creative liberty, which was incredibly exciting for us!

What we did

Cinema / Writing / Sound Design


The trailer has been nothing but extremely positive in our efforts to share the heart behind Success & Sanity. Troy said today, “I have not met with anybody who didn’t commend me on the quality of the product Forrest and his team produced. It catches people’s attention and it adds so much value and professionalism to my book.”

He also said, “Without meeting me personally, the Four Creeks team captured the spirit of the book, and they came up with a product that I would not edit at all. Forrest and his team totally got inside my head and created something that visually shows what my book is all about. Everyone who watches the Success & Sanity trailer almost comes to tears because of what it is.”