You’ve probably been to or have seen the posters for a Sound N Vision concert. What you probably didn’t know is that for the better part of a decade they have been providing free art and music classes for youth in Tulare county.

Their goal of exposing young folks to the arts has been wildly successful and in the early months of 2015 it was clear they were ready to take it to another level.

Executive Director Aaron Gomes and a collective of likeminded supporters dreamed up the idea of a fundraiser that would fund the program and its teachers year-around. The fundraiser was an October music festival at the Rawhide Ballpark called Tastemakers.

The foundation turned to 4Creeks Creative to tell their story, share their mission and create an identity for this one-of-a-kind music festival.

What we did

Photo / Cinema / Design


This past October the official non profit organization, Sound N Vision Foundation, executed a very successful fundraiser concert-festival led by the forward-thinking and professional marketing team at 4CC.

4CC uniquely branded the event, made video and print media tools for promotion, and steered the direction of the media targets from day one until the day of the event.

To say we were happy with their work would be a gross understatement.

Aaron Gomes
Executive Director
Sound N Vision Foundation