About Us

We were made to make a difference

When we began discussions about the possibility of forming a new Creative Agency, we recognized that we had much in common. A high value for generously assisting anyone who was interested, a belief that together we would be much better, and an unrelenting desire to create something remarkable. We quickly recognized that we were a little different, and that these values could be a tremendous asset to bring to the table on any project. With a firm belief that we could build a business that was great for our clients, our community, and beyond, we have embarked on this new venture.


One of our core values is generosity. We recognize that our time, resources, skills, and abilities are meant to make a difference. So we want to share… generously. Seriously, let us know how we can help you here, we’ll do our best.




4Creeks Creative is a multi-disciplinary creative and strategic studio. Built on collaboration, and inspired by helping people make change. We work collaboratively with clients, digital and design firms, and advertising agencies. We have curated a network of vetted, like-minded collaborators which allow us to build the perfect team for every project.


We hope that it will be apparent quickly when you meet us…We are in hot pursuit of creating something that is remarkable. As a team one of our defining attributes is that we are striving to deliver ideas, strategies, content, and skills that culminate in incredible work.

Our Office

Our Staff

  • Tom Price
      Tom Price Creative Director

      A veteran designer and publisher, Tom has worked for McClatchy and Gannett before launching the Downtown Life Magazine in 2009. An award-winning community paper journalist and page designer, Tom’s passion for storytelling makes for a unique perspective on design and the industry.

    • Ryan Krauter
      Ryan Krauter Art Director

      Ryan has a BA in Photography & Digital Imaging from the Art Center School of Design. He is a 15 yr. veteran and works with some of the largest business in the nation. For example: John Deere

    • Joshua Ivie
      Joshua Ivie Web Programmer

      This is how you will find josh, lit only by the beautiful glow of his monitors, working hard to make your website come to life, one line of code at a time.

    • Joel Alipaz
      Joel Alipaz Chief Operating Officer

      Joel has a BA in business management and we rely on him to keep the budgets straight, and our ideas obtainable, and our clients happy.

    • Danielle Avila
      Danielle Avila Chief Financial Officer

      Danni has BS in Ag Business and a MBA. Her Ag and business background brings a unique perspective to the team and makes her a valuable asset to our clients.

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